Wine & Women by Judith Samper

Within the Muslim poetry of al-Andalus, the presence of wine as a theme takes an important place along with love and gardens. In fact, wine consumption was not allowed as it would have gone against the Koran and tradition, but it was tolerated as long as it did not lead to serious disorders. In Cordoba there was a famous wine called ‘monastery wine’, which was acquired by Muslims in Christian monasteries and consumed in meetings held at dawn or dusk in beautiful gardens and places of comfort, with the participation of beautiful women and slender butler that prevented the glasses remained empty.

Certainly, love is the preferred topic of Andalusian poets, and therefore is reflected extensively in relation to wine. While you can not say that through metaphors between love and wine written by poets can conduct a study to show us fully how they understood the relationship, it shows how important the fruit of the vine is when it is mapped to the woman and love.

The woman holds in the imagination of the Andalusian loving man prominently. This is the conclusion drawn from reading all those poets in which the wine-woman combination is present. The treatment and the favor is granted to women through poetry puts us in relationship with exquisite and refined language where metaphors are a wonderful delicacy.

Sourced from “The wine in Muslim poetry of al-Andalus”, written by Agustin Martinez Justo Romero Torres Peláez and text.


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