What is This?

creaddictive is an artistic online network for contemporary arts in New York. creaddictive wants to provide a vibrant online platform to showcase the work of artists, designers, poets, musicians, photographers and creative people in New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Huesca and Tokyo. Creativity has an infinite source of power, let’s invent, let’s explore new ways to communicate, collaboration is such a perfect medium, let’s collaborate!

One of the main challenges facing artists today is visibility. In our media-saturated society can trump artistic output. In cities like New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Huesca and Tokyo, where people are bombarded by media messages, artistic proposals can be drowned out; we believe that it is necessary to look for gaps in the media, especially on social networks, to give space to artists who have no voice.

We are proudly full certified producers at BRIC in downtown Brooklyn for TV production in studio and  TV production on the field.