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Here is a recent collaboration between Lorenzo and Jose Ignacio that were selected at the 5th Under the Subway Video Art Night, 2015. In Brooklyn, NY.

Last year, their first collaboration, called SINGLADURA. シングラデューラ
was selected and showcased on these events
. 4th Under the Subway Video Art Night, 2014. LIC, New York
. XXI Muestra de Realizadores Oscenses 2014. Spain, Huesca
. 2015 Fontaniva Geo Film Festival. Fontaniva, Italy.



Music by Jose Ignacio Callen
Mix by Jesus Benito
Cinematography by Lorenzo Sanjuan

The New York Police Department says, “If you see something, say something.” Report it, proclaim it, shout it, flail your arms – say something. Each day, we see and hear innumerable things that insist on being shared. Some settle into the deepest recesses of our brains without our ever knowing it. Often, they come back to us in dreams or in sudden, brief moments of clarity.

We reveal and portray a calligraphy of flowing electrons. We look to the sky to discover a secret manuscript, a palimpsest of vibration and silence. We listen with our eyes to an explosion of rapidly changing lines, drawing electric waves, which guide our path. Cord and chorus intertwine into the blue, electrifying the heavens with a symphony of blissful vibrations. We declare that the sky has its own whims of lines, and that man, without knowing it, draws his own staves in the air. We love to look to the sky.

Official Selections:
5th Under the Subway Video Art Night, 2015.
XXII Muestra de Realizadores Oscenses 2015, Huesca, Spain.
Itinerantes 2016 Realizadores Oscenses 2016, Altoaragon, Spain.



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