“Hanabi” by Satoko Fujii Tobira

Satoko Fujii weaves and unravels the piano’s strings  like Penélope and waits for the trumpet that appears and hides among metals and whispers of silk kimonos. From her altar of noble and bright woods, for many years, she has been tying the knots of silhouettes of contemporary music and free jazz melodies as birds in the morning with infinite patience. She ties and unties, and she mutes or darks piano strings. She manipulates the strings with the same fingers that have stroked the ivory again and again.

Satoko begins to wind the skein with her wise fingers of classical pianist and produces subtle and delicate phrases, that recall the symphonic classicism. In order to twist the sonority and find the weakness of the piano king, which is not hidden. Once she has created the initial embroidery, Satoko seats, watches the keys and sees how the vegetal sounds of bass grow little by little, and the cymbals that climb walls and jump behind the microphones to surprise the awestruck audience. In the middle of the voyage, Satoko does not cease to weave with her ten fingers, but there are times in which breaks the silk thread, she marks the subtle signal to the roar of the trumpet and proclaims the freedom of notes and rhythms. The kingdom of improvisation arrives when the ceremony is presided over by the disheveled scales but corrected by so many effects, syncopation, new scales, reflections of scales, findings of chords that take refuge in warm breaths of the bass, and new intervals.

A revolution of waves, and crackling sounds of winds between branches, a blaze of kimonos and rice paper while she discovers the silver lining of the initial melody behind the cloud. Satoko backstitches the end of the piece, returning to the calm, stroking several delicate quavers again. Satoko teaches us to listen to what we never heard and, what is more important, she emphasizes the freedom of creation and the infinity of the music.

“Fujii tirelessly continues to explore the possibilities and expand the parameters of the many groups she’s established over the years, and there is certainly more provocative and exciting listening in storeas she pursues her ultimate goal: “I would love to make music that no one has heard before.”

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