Does a shadow make any sound? and many shadows?
Shadows fall like delicate ashes, bold around the edges, soft as murmuring snowflakes on the inside.
– Nicolás Sánchez

Light passes through water and glass like knives of fog in a whisper of delicate ashes. It enfolds wood, creating shadows around its edges and outlining, in negative, a frail profusion, as Nicolás says, of snowflakes. Shadows burgeon and proliferate, powerless to smother the light. They undulate in unison, to the pulse of perpetual motion, amid ceaseless lightning and echoes. Set free in their realm, they dance with the light, intensifying its rhythms and weaving dreamlike textures. Light, shadow, movement, rhythm and cadence envelop the images – the sounds of shadows through the glass.

Diogenes was selected and showcased on:
. 4th Under the Subway Video Art Night, 2015. LIC, New York
. XXI Muestra de Realizadores Oscenses 2016. Huesca, Spain
Itinerante Muestra de Realizadores Oscenses 2017. Huesca, Spain


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