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transformation is creativity

Susanne Bartsch


Does a shadow make any sound? and many shadows? Shadows fall like delicate ashes, bold around the edges, soft as murmuring snowflakes on the inside. – Nicolás Sánchez Light passes through water and glass like knives of fog in a whisper of delicate ashes. It enfolds wood, creating shadows around its edges and outlining, in negative, […]

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ENDE TYMES VI is the sixth-annual celebration of Noise, Experimental Music, and Sound Art in outer NYC. This event provides an active environment for artists and fans to celebrate some of the best noise artists in the world. This year the festival will erupt JUNE 2-5 at SILENT BARN and KNOCKDOWN CENTER in Brooklyn and […]

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Helado Negro at Blue Note

HELADO NEGRO Saturday, January 16th at Blue Note Jazz Club, NY   One of the great discoveries that still offers the city of New York is the treasure of certain alchemical combinations that defy the logic of the culture and art (if there is any).  From Equador, growing among Miami Latino b-boys, listening and sampling sounds and […]


“Hanabi” by Satoko Fujii Tobira

Satoko Fujii weaves and unravels the piano’s strings  like Penélope and waits for the trumpet that appears and hides among metals and whispers of silk kimonos. From her altar of noble and bright woods, for many years, she has been tying the knots of silhouettes of contemporary music and free jazz melodies as birds in the […]

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Outside Roots by Lorenzo Sanjuan

Lorenzo Sanjuan presented in New York Outside roots, which implies an intelligent retrospective of the main ideas, messages and concepts that illuminate his work. The sensitivity and imagination of this creator have been building the notion of home, the house of creativity: home with foundations and flying roots.  That notions feeds on the experience of […]

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if you like it say something

Here is a recent collaboration between Lorenzo and Jose Ignacio that were selected at the 5th Under the Subway Video Art Night, 2015. In Brooklyn, NY. Last year, their first collaboration, called SINGLADURA. シングラデューラ was selected and showcased on these events . 4th Under the Subway Video Art Night, 2014. LIC, New York . XXI Muestra de Realizadores Oscenses 2014. […]

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