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SCREEN COMPOSITIONS 14 curated by Katherine Liberovskaya For the 14th year, Screen Compositions brings you, as every time, a collection of intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component:   “Parachora”, 2009 by Milosz Luczynski […]

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Experimental Intermedia

Experimental Intermedia, or EI, started in 1993 as an artist initiative presenting experimental intermedia, image and sound installations, performances and concerts. The Gent based artist initiative promotes and supports artists which are actively applying experimental technological media in the contemporary arts field. EI presents works by international visual and sound artists with the intent of […]

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Abstract Liberation

Abstract Liberation is a short documentary film about noise art. Check Here! Abstract Liberation featuring Bob Bellerue, Joke Lanz, Housefire, Valerie Martino, PCRV, Aki Onda, Sharkiface, Rudolf, Wetware, Sissy Spacek, Hive Mind, Spiteful Womb, Blankets, TRNSGNDR/VHS, Andy Ortmann, H.O.M., Hyena Hive, Jeff Carey, Jason Lescalleet, Bromp Treb + Offal, Schimpflich Gruppe, Retribution Body, Lea Bertucci & Ed Bear, Lycanthrope, Pública, Julia Santali, Heat Identity, Telecast Powers, +Dog+, Newton, KILT, Death Convention Singers, SICKNESS, Muyassar Kurdi, Don & Camille Dietrich and Bigawatt background music interviews Valerie Martino live at Ende […]

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Let me go, Father

Political structures such as gender, cultural appropriation, and bipartisan government pressure individuals to maneuver pre-e  xisting systems. In the film Yojimbo(1961)  Akira Kurosawa takes on this idea of bilateral paradigms and how an individual can affect these structures. “Let me go, Father” is the opening line from Yojimbo revealing a son’s desire to escape his small town’s struggle between […]

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Franc Bacon at creaddictive Lab

Mr. Franc Bacon aka ex Violent Sex at our creadddictive laboratory. We recorded a collaboration with a brave improvisation by Jose Callén. Live jaming using a green screen with these two big experienced gentleman’s. Part of a work in progress “VJ live concept for internet TV by creaddictive.