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Inclusive Disjunction

Inclusive Disjunction, brings together five artists who had once been classmates at the Belgrade Fine Arts Academy, but had since gone their separate ways. Having all independently arrived in New York City over the years for various reasons, they are now reunited in an exhibition that reflects on home, migration, and identity. The title of […]

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Ende Tymes 7 Festival

ENDE TYMES FESTIVAL OF NOISE AND EXPERIMENTAL LIBERATION is an annual event dedicated to celebrating the best in noise and experimental music. We are devoted to booking the best artists/projects working in abstract / experimental / avant-garde music, harsh noise, drone, and “unclassifiable” sound artists – we only book artists who we are personally excited to see. ENDE TYMES 7 will take place […]

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Let me go, Father

Political structures such as gender, cultural appropriation, and bipartisan government pressure individuals to maneuver pre-e  xisting systems. In the film Yojimbo(1961)  Akira Kurosawa takes on this idea of bilateral paradigms and how an individual can affect these structures. “Let me go, Father” is the opening line from Yojimbo revealing a son’s desire to escape his small town’s struggle between […]

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Personal Identity Matter at Gallery MC

An international group exhibition featuring 18 artists from New York, Korea and Macedonia, will take place during February at the Gallery MC in Manhattan. An opening reception will be held on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. New York Korea Macedonia Erik Saxon Fred Bendheim Hill Daniel Iliana Emilia Garcia Lorenzo Sanjuan-Pertusa Marilyn […]

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Jorge Pombo: Religare

Some years ago we stumbled with Pombo in its spacious and sunny studio in Brooklyn. He seemed to be exhausted and satisfied after peculiar battles: after deconstructing Velázquez and Tintoretto, he was taking heart, designing the maps of his -our- city and the new conceptual city of his new projects. We noted that he stood […]

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Does a shadow make any sound? and many shadows? Shadows fall like delicate ashes, bold around the edges, soft as murmuring snowflakes on the inside. – Nicolás Sánchez Light passes through water and glass like knives of fog in a whisper of delicate ashes. It enfolds wood, creating shadows around its edges and outlining, in negative, […]

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BRIC PRESENTS SECOND OPEN CALL ART EXHIBITION Featuring Politically and Socially Engaging Art From Over 130 Brooklyn Artists  Opening Reception Feb 4, 6-9pm Exhibition on view Feb 5-28, 2016; BROOKLYN | January 13, 2016 – BRIC is pleased to announce its second open call exhibition, OPEN (C)ALL: Up For Debate, which will feature over 130 […]

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Outside Roots por Lorenzo Sanjuan

Lorenzo Sanjuán presento en Nueva York Outside roots que supone una inteligente retrospectiva de las principales ideas, mensajes y conceptos que iluminan su plástica. Y es que la sensibilidad e imaginación de este creador han ido construyendo -nunca mejor dicho- a lo largo del tiempo la noción de hogar, de casa de la creatividad: hogar […]

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Outside Roots by Lorenzo Sanjuan

Lorenzo Sanjuan presented in New York Outside roots, which implies an intelligent retrospective of the main ideas, messages and concepts that illuminate his work. The sensitivity and imagination of this creator have been building the notion of home, the house of creativity: home with foundations and flying roots.  That notions feeds on the experience of […]

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