Sahana Ramakrishnan

About the artist

Sahana Ramakrishnan is a Brooklyn based artist who was born in Mumbai and educated in Singapore and America. She received her BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design.
Sahana’s work thrives off the drama that exists in cultural melting pots. Fascinated with the influence religion, myth, and fiction have on our daily lives, she explores how the human body traverses a space that straddles the fantastical and the mundane. She marries the freakish, the funny, and the beautiful in images that simultaneously glorify and laugh at the human body. Many of her paintings, drawings, and prints are vibrant with grotesque imagery – bodies grab, eat, caress, and spill out of one another in an exaggerated and literal interpretation of our closeness with other beings on this planet.
Sahana’s images combine observation and invention. She draws from life, observing people around her and allowing her imagination to insert into her drawings elements of surreal or bizarre narratives she has encountered. Her inspiration ranges from human biology and anatomy to her experiences in tropical reefs and rainforests; from Buddhist and Hindu mythology to the diversity and drama in the lives of people she interacts with everyday.