Peter Hart

About the artist

My name is Peter Hart. I am originally from North Carolina but now I consider myself a Brooklynite after living in the borough for the last few years. I started my acting career in 2009 in South America (Uruguay) where I was lucky enough to be on two national television shows and an acting workshop. Upon returning to New York I landed a role in a feature film based in Italy. Since then I’ve been building my reel and doing all types of work between New York and Europe. I just finished my fifth feature, a Colombian/Venezuelan production based here in NYC. I believe that I’m a very strong actor. A chameleon of sorts, with tons of real life experience. I have also done print work for Esquire, Bloomingdale’s, Plantronix, Marc Stone Fashion and Schwinn Bicycles as well as some commercial work.

I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since then I have lived a nomadic life, working on different kinds of projects, but mostly teaching and interpreting. I knew I found my niche once I started working on both sides of the camera. That was three years ago. Since then I’ve lived all over the globe: North Carolina, Spain, Colombia, France, NYC, Uruguay, Argentina, and Italy. I also speak four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian. I hope you like my profile and I look forward to working with you in the near future.