Jeta B

About the artist

Jeta B is a photographer, poet and a visual branding consultant. She is completely smitten by stories. Personal. Work. Fashion. Inspirational. Humorous. She collaborates with entrepreneurs, artists, startups and nonprofits to give their visual branding a real kick – always using art as a tool.

Jeta transitioned into photography from a career in political branding and communications in Europe when moving to New York City in 2012. Born and raised in Kosovo, a true solid in her identity, she studied and worked in human rights, post-war institutional building and European social policy in Kosovo, Bulgaria and the UK. She witnessed the liquidity of people, characters, places, and languages. She believed her career choice was a solid. Then in 2009, she took up photography as a hobby. It completely liquified her career and became a solid in her life. Moving to New York, she decided to pursue her new passion and gradually her poetry scribblings found their way into her newfound love for photography.

Through her art, Jeta explores the constant state of change and how modernity liquifies aspects of identity that we mistake for solids. She has exhibited three times in New York (one solo) and three group exhibitions in the UK. Jeta writes in English and Albanian but also speaks Serbian and Spanish.