Daniel Diosdado

About the artist

Daniel was born in Madrid, Spain. Since he was a kid he knew that stage arts were his passion. As a little boy he already developed interest for theatre at school and with his friends which whom he used to write and performed their own plays during the early summers.
It was in 1999 when Daniel’s career took a leap forward when he was awarded with one of the bursaries of the European Broadcasting Union to develop his first professional script entitled Nacional IV (Highway IV).

Since then, Daniel worked directing and writing his own material. At first, he made short films, some of them won several awards like Lo siento, chicos, pero no puedo (Sorry, guys, I can’t do it) which received the best actor award at the San Pedro Alcantara Festival and ¿Dónde queréis vivir esta noche?(Where do you want to live tonight?) which won the best short film award at Festival de Cine Los Cielos. One of Daniel’s last short films, Con cara de gilipollas (Such an asshole face), has become a major hit with international film festivals selections such as III Concurso de Cortos RNE (Spain), 20th Festival de Madrid-PNR (Madrid, Spain), Maipu Cortos (Argentina), La Claqueta (Entre Ríos, Argentina), 1st International Film Festival of Providencia (Santiago, Chile), Corta Corto (Barcelona, Spain) and SGAE en Corto (Spain).

But the real turning point for Daniel as a director was the Award of Excellence at the Indie Fest (La Joya, California, USA) for his experimental film SESIóN (SESSIoN). That final turning point made him start a company named Nomada Films. Their first production was El ataque de los Zumbas (The attack of the Zumbas), a great webseries success, and the challenging, risky and innovative short called 3’30″DK.

Daniel taught screen writing at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and, in the last Cannes Film Festival 2012, he conducted an on-set workshop for actors with students of Creative Studios of Atlanta.

His last feature, La Reina de Tapas (Queen of the bar) premiered in 2013 Malaga’s International Film Festival and received a best picture nomination at Madrid’s Film Festival-PNR 2013.

Web: danieldiosdado.com