Angelica Escoto

About the artist

 Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping…waiting…and though unwanted… 

Angelica Escoto is a New York City based artist who has dedicated her photography solely to capturing the passion and art found in flamenco dance and music.
For the past several years she has followed flamenco in New York City and Spain.

” I seek to capture the beauty that is found in the expression of joy and pain that is this powerful art form called Flamenco.”

Angelica has been an establish fashion photography art director for the last decade and has collaborated with talented and sought out contemporary fashion photographers. This has allowed her to develop an eye for strong captivating imagery that she bring to her photography. She is inspired by legendary and also contemporary Fashion photographers: Alexey Brodovitch, Iillian Bassman, Richard Avedon, David Baily, Dominique Issermann and Paolo Roversi.

She was born and raised in New york City and finalizes her studies of Communication Design at Parsons School for design of New York City. She presently Lives in Tribeca, NYC with her son.

My ongoing project FLAMENKA NY. is a collection of portraits of flamenco female artists in New York City that live, perform or teach here. This collection of images seeks captures the passion and self-expression of each individual artist.